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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

For Sale - Chaparral's Clever Cookie

"Cookie" is a gorgeous little brindle female puppy that we are having lots of fun with.  She was born January 22, 2013.   She has a typical Pyrenean character as well as the extreme atheticism that goes with the breed.  I don't think there is anything that she will not try to do.  She loves swimming, frisbee( and naturally retrieves), and is now learning basic agility, as well as working with our sheep.  With training she will excel in the conformation, agility, disc dog, tracking, nose work, trick dog, etc., etc. etc...............  She a beauty!
You can see a few videos of her on You Tube.

UPDATE>> Cookie has a wonderful home with an agility enthusiast in the U.S.  We wish them both the best in her future training.

"DD" Berger des Pyrenees Litter - Two male puppies available

This very cute brindle puppy is going to follow in his mother's footsteps, I have no doubt.  He is perky, full of curiosity, busy, playful and cute as a button!  He is small, as is his mother, and is always thinking of what mischief he can get into.  Very affectionate and loves to cuddle when he isn't searching for the next toy to play with.  His conformation is excellent and will be a natural athelete!

"DD" Berger des Pyrenees Litter - - Two male puppies available.

This very handsome fawn male puppy has a fabulous character and outgoing nature.  Excellent conformation. Good natural ears and tail.   He loves to play with any toy, or tug on your pant leg.  Very people orientated.  Will do well in the conformation ring or any performance sport event.