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Saturday, July 20, 2013

"DD" Litter Pyr Shep pups

5.5 weeks old

"DD" Litter Pyr Pups

5.5 weeks old.  Brindle female and #1 Fawn male.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DD Litter turns 5 weeks old today

So little time goes by but huge leaps and bounds of learning and discovery for the puppies.  They have been enjoying their time outside as well as playing and integrating themselves into the Chaparral Pack.  It has been a busy time for them with lots of company visiting as well as a few boarders to always keep them on their toes. 

Two male puppies still available.  One fawn male and the brindle male.  Both with excellent outgoing personalities and lots of kisses to offer.  Natural tails and ears.

Too warm to play outside on this afternoon.
Fawn Female comfy on my lap
Male #2  finds a peaceful place to rest his head.
 Fawn Female having fun in the baby tunnel & playing tug.

Brindle female and Fawn female on the same course

Brindle Female just looking cute
 Brindle Male always with a toy
 Brindle female after digging in the dirt in an effort to find a cool spot.
Fawn male #1 also enjoys the tunnel.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"DD" Litter is 4 weeks old

Another week goes by and the pups are romping around outside, starting to eat solid food, and are becoming more demanding. Every waking moment they want out of their puppy pen to explore the world. They are an endless source of amusement!
Brindle male
Brindle male
Fawn female (sold)
Fawn Male #1
Fawn Male #1
  Fawn Male #1
Fawn Male #2
Brindle Female (sold)
Fawn Male #2
 Brindle Female (sold)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pyr Shep Litter "DD" - 3 weeks old

I cannot believe how quickly time passes. One minute the puppies are struggling along on their bellies to nurse and then, in the blink of an eye, they are bouncing around on four legs, barking, whining, and trying to climb out of their whelping box. At just over 3 weeks of age we proudly present our five "DD" Litter puppies sired by our newest import, Gabizos du Picourlet out of the infamous and charming Ch. Chaparral's Pooka2. The fawn puppies (left to right) male, female, male.
The brindle puppies: female and male
The females
The males