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Wednesday, April 17, 2013 time!

It has been a slow start but the sun is now beaming through the clouds which have held snow, sleet or rain for the last 5 months. The birds are singing and the gray/brown grass is looking a little greener. Our move was not easy during the bad weather and muddy conditions but we've slowly started to organize ourselves and animals. We have started unpacking from our move and the puppies have been treated to the beginnings of their playground equipment finally being assembled for their amusement, and ours! and at the end of all the fun there is nothing better than to bask in the warm sunshine.

Monday, April 8, 2013

CC Litter - Puppy updates

I just love hearing from our new friends that we have entrusted with one of our wonderful puppies. Their future is now in their hands and it is comforting to us to hear all their stories and adventures--they are in good hands, for sure! Thank you to each of them, and good luck! Susan, Just to let you know, "Figaro" is doing very very well. He is getting along with our other two dogs and he has calmed down about the cats ... he might even make friends with one of them soon (whew!). He is so happy and outgoing! He loves to meet people and he also meets new dogs well. We have taken him on many walks already (not TOO long, but he is getting stronger by the day) and sometimes we meet other dogs. He is cautious but friendly. There is a breeder of Leonbergers in this area and one day we went to a conservation area to walk and found ourselves surrounded by them! They were very gentle and really wanted to see the baby ... I was impressed that Figaro handled it all very well. There were 5 or 6 of these big dogs, including one 12 week old one (must have been at least 40 lbs). Once the handler called them away, we were off. Figaro took the whole thing very calmly, though seems more comfortable with smaller (normal) dogs. So far so good! Figaro is really a lot of dog and I am enjoying that. We are already doing some simple training, which he enjoys. He usually gets his whole midday meal in the form of treats for training. Today I must get him some Frontline as the ticks are now in season. Yuck. Some photos from this morning's walk at the cranberry bog BILL, FIGARO AND MADDIE