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Sunday, March 10, 2013

One Smart Cookie

Appropriately named, this is “Cookie”. She earned her name this morning after I referred to her as “one smart cookie”. After the flurry of our morning rituals with 11 puppies running under foot in the kitchen, feeding, cleaning, and constant inside outside, inside outside, inside outside.................the pups were finally starting to tucker themselves out and heading off to their chosen dog beds to falling asleep for another couple of hours. I did a quick headcount then took my cup of tea to sit down, watch the weather station on TV (says rain is coming! ugh!) and open the computer. After 10 minutes or so of peace I hear one puppy whining. I get up and look in the kitchen and here is this adorable little puppy sitting by the kitchen door which leads outside crying to go outside, I thought. I said to her, “Oh my, what a clever puppy. Only 6.5 weeks old and asking to go outside to go to the bathroom.” So, I go into the kitchen and open the door to let said puppy outside and there on the doorstep is one of the hound puppies. Poor little thing had gotten left outside and was sitting crying on the doorstep to be let in. The Pyr Shep puppy greeted it as it came into the house and then turned around and went away to lay down with the other pups in the doggie bed. She didn’t want out at all!

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