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Friday, December 21, 2012

Our lives are enriched by our Family, all our Grandchildren,
our Friends and our Animals.
Happiness and good Health to you all into the New Year.
Best wishes.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Great weekend at the dog show in Port Hope.  We presented Chaparral's Spot On (on right) with her daughter, Lulu (on left).  Each took a turn beating one another so it was a fun weekend for both of us.

Lulu is growing up to be a beautiful young girl, just like her mother.

The two Pyr Shep girls also joined us at the show just to gain some experience at a new venue.  Both of them enjoyed themselves and enjoyed all the treats that people kept on offer.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Basque Chicks

For the last hatch of the year we have 15 beautiful little fluffy Euskal Oiloa chicks.  This variety of chicken is one that we have really taken a fancy to in the last two years.  Their disposition as farmyard pets, usefulness as layers and meat birds is keeping us as one of the main supporters and promoters of the breed. 

From the first little egg,
graduating to a beautiful, large fertilized egg.............................................

then a new flock of Basque chicks!

Hivernal X Pansy Litter are almost 5 months old

Although they don't live with me I get the pleasure of enjoying their pictures and hearing about their antics on the Redford family cattle farm in Quebec.  The pups will be almost 5 months old and it looks like their mother, Pansy, is teaching them all the fun and mischieveous activities they can get into at the farm.  Perched on top of this hay bale in the dusk I'm sure their minds are full of all the things they have learned that day, and tomorrow will bring more lessons, no doubt.

The black puppy in the centre is still available for a loving family and companion home.  Email us or go to our website for more information about this puppy.

Much to everyone's surprise it seems there may be one or two smooth-faced pups in the litter.   This breed never ceases to surprise me.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Our summer has been a busy one with our attentions mainly on getting Amblecroft farm ready for winter with new housings built for the sheep and the chickens.  Our lambs have given us great joy throughout the summer and challenged our fence building talents.  From big to little the flock of baby chicks have grown into handsome cockrels and pullets.  We've kept the best of both lambs and chickens and are now awaiting the arrival of another batch of chicks from the incubator.  New lambs are also expected in the new year.

The dogs have had a quiet summer while our focus has been on the other animals.  I hope to get to some dog shows this Fall and bring out our youngster Chaparral's French Tryst.  Unfortunately we had bred Pooka2 but no puppies resulted and so we were all very disappointed.  Pooka2 and Tryst have been improving their skills working with the growing flock of sheep, especially the stubborn ram lambs. 

Our Pyr Shep female Crochet and PBGV female, Spot, will be bred this Fall and so we do hope to have beautiful little puppies running about by the end of the year. 
We are sending our congratulations, once again, to Terrie in Ohio who owns one of our Pyr Sheps, Champion Chaparral's Winocq, aka "Winnie".  Winnie has recently been awarded her 3rd Best in Show with the United Kennel Club.  She is expertly handled by a junior handler and we couldn't be more pleased for them all.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hivernal X Pansy Litter - - 2 months old







Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hivernal X Pansy litter

Although they don't live with us at Chaparral I love to share the new pictures we receive of their progress and hear of their antics. 

They are all doing well and are enjoying exploring the farm.  Details of their pedigree can be found on my website.  One puppy is still available.

Monday, May 28, 2012

.........and I owe it all to my dogs.

We were out early tending the flock this morning. It is supposed to heat up today with dreadful humidity. 
I took some marvelous videos of the dogs tending the sheep that I'll put up on YouTube later on.  It was such a perfect morning.   It had rained earlier, still cool in the air, sun and clouds, the chickens had also joined us.  Truly, I was so content I could have cried and the dogs were at their finest. 
Then to add icing on the cake Eureka walks over to me with a butterfly that had attached itself to her leg.  Life just doesn't get any better!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tending our new flock

Finally, after a couple of years our little barn is built, the fence is up and I finally have my sheep with me at my farm, Amblecroft, in Millbrook, Ontario.  After many lambs, rams and ewes, comings and goings, they are not the same little flock I started with many years ago but we are happy to have the herd back with us.   

The Pyr Sheps were thrilled with their return.  The little Basque Chicks (Euskal Oiloa) we have  have been hatching out all Spring have been amusing the dogs but the job of "shepherd" seems to lose some importance when one is not working with real, live sheep.

We have built a small fenced yard for the sheep but we take them out of the yard every day, sometimes twice a day, to graze the different nooks and crannies of the 10 acre property.  They have proven to be useful for trimming the trees, eating poison ivy and have their job cut out for them to keep up with the vegetation growth!   With the help of the dogs I hope to keep them out of my flower bed and veggie garden.   The Basque Chicks still think they should be part of the daily walk-about and continue to join us.  They don't like to be left out of anything!

{The imaginary line is drawn.

Our experienced dogs, Pierre and Eureka, have settled right back into the routine without any prompting from me and are getting to know where the sheep should or shouldn't  be wandering--as are the sheep learning their limits, and repercussions.

{Pierre likes to have a sniff at the new lambs just to become familiar with his flock.  He is what is called my Main Dog while  Eureka likes to hold her ambush position in the long vegetation, and of course stay near to me and this is referred to as my Man Dog.

{Everybody relaxing in the shade.
A few seconds after I took notice of the sheep getting deeper into the forest Pierre took it upon himself to trot up through the dense forest and push the sheep back into the open.   I hadn't said a word and his initiative amazed me.   He can read my body language much better than I can.   The process of communication between all the different species is a constant source of amazement and I am the one learning the most lessons.

With their bellies full we head back to their pasture and new barn to rest for the afternoon.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

W Litter - PBGV pups turn 7 weeks old

#3 male, #5female, #1 female

#4 male

#5 female (top) #3 male (bottom)

Everybody (#3male in foreground)

#5 f, #4m, #3m, #2f

#1 female

#1 female & #2 female

#4 male & #5 female

#1 female

#2 Female

#3 Male
#4 Male

#5 Female

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Angela and Rally on Canada's Got Talent TV Show

As many of you know, Angela and her Berger des Pyrenees, Rally (from our kennel) entered and were chosen as semi-finalists on CANADA'S GOT TALENT television show.  You can find them on Facebook at:  RALLY'S GOT TALENT if you want to "LIKE" them and follow their progress leading up to their live performance this weekend.
This is the first of two reminders I'll be sending out.   Mark you calendars and set your TV recorder!   I hope everyone can participate in watching and voting for Rally and Angela who will be performing live on Canada's Got Talent on Sunday, April 29th.  Voting can take place after 9:00 pm until 2:30 am.  See her interview:
I will be attending the Live performance, along with other supporters and fans.  Voting takes place after the show and instructions are at:  VOTE:
It is REAL easy and every single vote will be appreciated by Angela and Rally and will be a great sign of your support for all the hard work Angela has done in promoting "having fun with your dog".
Please forward this email to your friends and family or any others that you may think would be helpful and able to vote for this awesome team!
Thanks very much for your support.
Susan and all the Chaparral Pack

Thursday, April 19, 2012

W LItter - 5 weeks old

orange & white female

small tricolour female

small tricolour female

tricolour female

tricolour female

tricolour male

orange & white male and tricolour male

Everybody is out playing in the sunshine now. Their personalities are starting to emerge.