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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Agility training

In the last month, before the snow comes, I've been spending some time with the youngsters, Bear, Lickity Split, Zigue, Jolie, Tryst & Babette introducing them to the "clicker", agility equipment and just a general understanding of obedience training and new words.  Our older female, Pooka2, is also rehersing for her debut into the obedience arena in the hopes of qualifing for her Companion Dog title. 

The older pups are extremely enthusiastic with doing agility, for sure.  In fact, all the dogs line up along the fence watching "the chosen one" in the separate training yard receive all the attention and treats.  Everybody loves to show off, and of course, get yummy treats! 

Pictured below is Lickity who, after some training through he may still receive a treat if instead of going through the tunnel he showed that he was quite happy to trot along the top of it as well.  Now that is using your head!!
I can see the hound looking at him and saying, "Show off!"

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bear and Lick-Lick's Coming-Out

Our two "A" Litter puppies turned 6 months old on October 24th so they were now eligible to compete at the dog shows.  I entered the two of them at a local show to give them a new life experience and to show off our beautiful boys to the world.    We are very proud of the two of them!  

There were four Pyr Sheps entered and much to my surprise Chaparral's Dusky Bear, as he is officially known, won top honours with a "Best of Breed" win.  This also gave him a 2 point major towards a Canadian Championship title.  Bravo, Bear!!

Go to:     to watch Bear in the Herding Group Ring

His brother, Lick-Lick, enjoyed the experience and concentrated on his growing fan club members.  Being true to his name he supplied ample lick-licks to anyone that came close enough.  Preferring more athletic activities he initiates the fun and game side of life, like dancing. 

Both are going to dog school once a week to accustom themselves to that type of  classroom environment.   I am also teaching them basic good manners, clicker training, a few lessons on agility equipment and basic obedience commands.  They are keeping us busy.