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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Chew Crew

The dogs are a little restless today--too hot to go for a walk but they are still looking for something to do.   So I gave everybody a frozen marrow bone to chew on.   Annie, the eldest doesn't have many teeth left so I just scooped out a bit of marrow and some cut off some chunks of meat for her.  The youngest two, the black pups from the A Litter that are still here, had a great tuck-in with 'zest'.  This was their first "fresh" bone and I hope they don't get the runs.  They seem to have pretty strong guts.  There are plenty of old bones lying around but nothing beats fresh marrow and they all seemed content in the shade of the trees on the front yard. I always put down two extra bones.  Inevitably, at one point in time they all like to play musical bones and so if there are a couple of extras about there is no worrying at each other. 
The pyr shep that is boarding with us was the first to give up and walk away (maybe she doesn't get bones at home).  Old Teddy and the young pups finished up after an hour of gnawing.  Now, 3 hours later the rest of the crew are at the front door waiting to be let in.  It is suppertime so maybe they are looking for their supper as well.  Well, it gave me time to bake a cake and make a salad for dinner--for myself!

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