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Thursday, June 16, 2011

June at the farm

The temperature is moderate and I finished some of my chores so I decide to take the dogs for a walk in the back of the property.  I had 7 of the pyr sheps with me and one hound.
All was going well until it went "pear shaped".  Poor Crochet must have stepped on a baby porcupine.  I heard a little yelp, I called the dogs in and she came limping to me.  The quills were only in her ankle of one front foot and I guess there were probably a dozen or so.  This was a relief but trying to get them out was another chore.  If you notice in the picture all the low vegetation on either side of the path is poison ivy.  There is poison ivy everywhere and although is bothersome for people the dogs don't seem affected.  So, the dogs are always running through it.  While I was trying to get the quills out, understandably, Crochet was figeting and scratching me with her other paws and I thought for sure I would end up with a rash.  Finally I got enough of the quills out and suffered enough scratches that I just headed for home with the lot.  When I got back I dunked Crochet in the inground pool hoping to rinse off any poison ivy residue and then continued to pull out the rest of the quills.
It has been two days and she is now back walking on four feet. Her pups have been longingly watching her from behind a fence.  They didn't know why she wouldn't come to play with them.  Well, it served to wean them :)  This morning we went for a walk down the road.
All the other dogs also had a little swim in the pool.  Zigue particularly enjoys the water.  Just trying to teach him to go in at the stairs and not dive in from the side :-)
Afterwards, a good scratch in the sand of the horseshoe pit is the best way to settle down for the heat of the day.


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