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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Litter - 9 weeks old

The wonderful time has come for our little puppies that we've watched grow into mischievous bundles of black fur now make a start in their new lives with new families.  It is a sad time, and a happy time. Two of the pups are in agility homes and we wish all the owners the best of luck with them.  One of the male pups will stay with me for a while and that leaves one male puppy still available for placement.

#4 male is superb in his character, temperament and has shown us over and over again how agile, comical, attentive, calm and affectionate he can be.   

Contact us if you would like more information. 

We've been calling him "Lickitey Split" because he runs so fast when playing with his littermates.  Here is a picture of him living up to his name!

Male  (left)                     Female (right)

Quebec Agility Regional Championships


Chaparral's La Nikita  finished in first place in the 22’’ division (against a lot of border collies) 37 dogs total in 22" division at the Qu├ębec Agility Regionals.   Nikita and her owner, Roxanne, will now be getting ready to go to the Canadian Agility Nationals  in August. 
Nikita is certainly living up to her name "the unconquerable".  Always a thrill to see a Pyr Shep on the podium!

Pictured above is Roxanne's two dogs, Nikita & Zora.


French Breed Expo

Part of this weekend I spent at the French Dog Breed Expo at Pawsway, Harbrfront, Toronto.  The building is situated in a beautiful spot right on the harbor and it was a very busy place with lots of foot traffic including local residents and tourists.  The dogs were excellent ambassadors for both breeds and always greeted adults and children alike with enthusiasm.

Every hour we would have a little talk in front of an audience about each breed.  As I have two French breeds I talked a lot and answered a lot of questions.  By the end of the day we were all ready to go home for a nice dinner and relaxation time.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Beautiful summer day

Today is another gorgeous day with perfect temperatures to spend an hour or so hiking with the dogs in the Ganaraska Forest.   We head off to the corner of our property, through our little meadow that is in full bloom with a variety of wildflowers, and this connects with one of the trails into the forest.

In the forest the trails are dry and we all have a terrific time.  Sometimes we will run into a horse and rider also out for a stroll but the dogs and always well behaved and will sit beside me while the horse goes by.

On our way home we stop by a pond that that dogs love to jump into to cool down.  Our little hound puppy, Jolie, leaped into the water and started swimming for the first time.  She bobbed up and down a few times but enjoyed it enough to continue jumping in several times.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

June at the farm

The temperature is moderate and I finished some of my chores so I decide to take the dogs for a walk in the back of the property.  I had 7 of the pyr sheps with me and one hound.
All was going well until it went "pear shaped".  Poor Crochet must have stepped on a baby porcupine.  I heard a little yelp, I called the dogs in and she came limping to me.  The quills were only in her ankle of one front foot and I guess there were probably a dozen or so.  This was a relief but trying to get them out was another chore.  If you notice in the picture all the low vegetation on either side of the path is poison ivy.  There is poison ivy everywhere and although is bothersome for people the dogs don't seem affected.  So, the dogs are always running through it.  While I was trying to get the quills out, understandably, Crochet was figeting and scratching me with her other paws and I thought for sure I would end up with a rash.  Finally I got enough of the quills out and suffered enough scratches that I just headed for home with the lot.  When I got back I dunked Crochet in the inground pool hoping to rinse off any poison ivy residue and then continued to pull out the rest of the quills.
It has been two days and she is now back walking on four feet. Her pups have been longingly watching her from behind a fence.  They didn't know why she wouldn't come to play with them.  Well, it served to wean them :)  This morning we went for a walk down the road.
All the other dogs also had a little swim in the pool.  Zigue particularly enjoys the water.  Just trying to teach him to go in at the stairs and not dive in from the side :-)
Afterwards, a good scratch in the sand of the horseshoe pit is the best way to settle down for the heat of the day.


Friday, June 10, 2011

V Litter - 7 weeks old

I picked up our two hound puppies from my friend's house this week.  I brought them home to meet the pack, microchip them, take them to the veterinarians for their first checkup and vaccination, deworm them and generally disrupt their happy peaceful lives!  But, they have bounced back full of piss and vinegar and getting into all sorts of mischief!  The boy puppy is a little quieter than his sister but they are both running around with all the adults and puppies having a gay old time.  They are little explorers and seem very curious wandering far afield into the yard.  The agility tunnel has been a great hit and all the new toys that they've never seen are getting new enjoyment.  The first day it took a little while for all the puppies to sort themselves out with the new arrivals but now they are all comfortable with each other, play and sleep together in harmony.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Litter - 5 weeks old

The pups are lots of fun to watch and play with.  They are exploring everywhere and we have to keep an eye on them, with help from the adult dogs as well.  I'm still getting a couple of them confused until I examine their white markings and taking pictures is difficult.  The female is easy.  #1 male always seems to be front and centre. He's a real "fun guy".  #4 male is very bold and a smoother coat than his brothers.  He seems slightly smaller but his weight is the same as his brothers so I think his coat makes him look smaller.    #2 male seems to be losing his brownish tinge but he has the largest white marking from his chin all the way down his chest.  He is just a happy puppy following along with whatever his brothers or sister get into.  #3 female is observant and a bit of a prissy girl. 

I think I have them all number correctly, but I could be wrong! 

All sharing a raw marrow bone.  Their first "raw" food and it is yummy!

#2 male--at the ready waiting for something exciting to happen.

#2 male with Crochet.  Eureka and Teddy behind them.

#2m falling down, #3F leaping for the attack onto her brother #1