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Sunday, May 22, 2011

"A" Litter - 4 week old Berger Pups

Crochet and her little black bundles of energy have only been home with us now for two days and already they have ventured from their whelping box, through the whelping room, into the living room and right through the rest of the house!  I'm sure they will be running and playing outside by the end of the week.  They are very curious and full of a sense of adventure.

The pups were born at my home and after a week went to live at my friends house who keeps Crochet for us.  I take lots of notes when the pups are born so today I spent time going through the notes and figuring out which puppy is which.  Finally, we've got them identified, in order of birth, #1, 2, 3 & 4. 


#1 Male
He has two specks of white on his front toes and one rear foot with a wisp if white hair.  He has a kiss of white on his lips (which they all do), a straight natural tail and double-dewclaws on both hind legs.

#1 Male


#2 Male
He has 4 white tips on all four feet and the tiniest white speck on his nose. The white on his chin extends all the way under his chest  His black coat has a slight brownish tinge to it, and he has a little kink at the end of his tail and double-dewclaws on both hind legs.
 #2 Male
#2 Male


#3 Female
She is a very pretty girl with an obvious white spot on the top of her nose.  She is the easiest to tell apart from the rest!  She also has single-dewclaws on both hind legs and a small kink at the end of her tail.


#4 Male has a little specks of white on all four toes and a tiny white chin spot.  He also has a tiny kink at the end of his tail and double-dewclaws on both hinds.
 #4 Male

Friday, May 20, 2011

V Litter - Petits at almost 5 weeks old

Our two little hound puppies aren't so little any more.   They are just starting to venture out of their whelping box and explore their new world of dogs and people.  They are getting lots of attention at Twisted Pine Farm where they are in residence and a real hit with everyone that meets them.  They are just starting to taste solid food and enjoy playing with little stuffed toys.  The female puppy is slightly larger than the male puppy.  I think she's getting more than her fair share of vittles!




"A" Litter - Bergers almost 4 weeks old

Meet our "A" Litter

Today I picked up Crochet from my friend's house where she has been raising her puppies in the comfort of her own home.  Now the puppies are getting active, need feeding and cleaning up after so they come back to me to raise them with our pack until they go to their new home.  It is wonderful to get to know them again.

Friday, May 13, 2011

A Litter

Our little black beauties are now over two weeks old and busy, busy, busy.  Barking, growling, playing, moving around as best as they can.  All are sweet natured, content to be handled and cuddled.  Crochet has had her fill of the whelping box and prefers to watch their antics from the sidelines.  She likes it when they are getting their box cleaned out and are let loose on the floor to explore.  

The puppy with the white nose is the female puppy.  She's easy to pick out of the crowd!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

V Litter - 2 weeks old

A monumentous day--Eyes are Open!!  At 17 days old the two pups have their eyes opening up.  The female's (below) are wide open and the male are still just little glints.  They are well aware of when their mother comes near the whelping box and are starting to play with each other and our fingers. 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Quadruplet" lambs

This morning we were busy with the arrival of 4 lambs from our 4 year old ewe, Gracie.  She has produced triplets in the past so we were expecting a multiple birth but four was surprising.  The little black one is a ewe lamb and the rest are ram lambs.  So cute!  All are doing well and I put a little coat on the two tiniest just to keep them warm through the night.

It is like having a litter of puppies!!

Our other two ram lambs, from two ewes, are just as cute, but much, much bigger.