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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Growing the Puppy Flower

Well, haven't they blossomed beautifully? 
Time passes too quickly.  The puppies ages range from 5 to 6 to 7 weeks old now.

Today all the litters came together for the first time.  They cannot be left alone as the Pyr Shep puppies are too rough on the hound puppies, but nothing like a good meal to distract everyone from the game of rough-housing.  

The Pyr Shep puppies went to the veterinarians today for their first vaccination and check-up.  All turned out to be 200%.  The ride to the vets was noisiest from the Y Litter crate, while the Zs slept the whole way.  In the waiting room they greeted everyone who paid them any notice and were all quite content to be examined by the vet--until they felt the little needle jab into their butt!  No cry-babies in the lot though!

The ride home was quieter as I let the Y Litter sleep in the passenger seat and they all just made themselves comfortable and slept the whole way home. 

Later in the week we will go visit my friend at the farm and then they all have a weekend full of visiting clients and admirers.  After that they go to the vet ophthalmologist and then I can't believe that they will soon be going to join their new families.

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