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Monday, March 21, 2011

Natural weaning - U Litter

The PBGV pups are now 8 weeks old and have been gobbling up their puppy kibbles for a month now.  But, I allow the mothers to wean the pups themselves.  With 3 mothers feeding litters here there is a real sense of a free-for-all as the pups will latch on to any passing milk bar!  Sissie is  the pups' last hope as the other two mothers have put a stop to the free beverage.
This morning while I was out in the yard with the dogs I noticed Sissie sitting on an old stump consciously just out of reach of the pups trying to nurse.  I had my camera (as usual) and caught the scene of one of Mom's efforts in weaning the pups. 
Sissie is tantalizingly close, but not close enough!

She give a few warnings "Get down!"

Finally........resigned to taking out their frustration on the vegetation!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

PBGV Pups - U Litter 7 weeks old

With great difficulty and much protest from a few of the pups we finally have taken some "standing still" pictures of these little hounds. 

Here are a couple of videos featuring some of our stars:
No matter what we do he is not going to look at the camera!  And this does depict his personality somewhat.  He's a softie.
#1 Male

#2 Male, on the other hand, is a bold as brass with a strong character!
#2 Male

#3 Male is a our happy-go-lucky fellow.  A real explorer without a care in the world.

This is #4 Female.  She is our happy-go-lucky girl!
#4 Female

Last but not least is #5 Female who is the smallest in size but biggest in personality.  She's not holding her nose in the air for no reason--that is her personality shining through!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Puppies -- 7, 8 & 9 weeks old

♪♪  ...and the little one said "roll over, roll over".  So they all rolled over and one fell out, "roll over, roll over"  ♪♪

Slowly our little darlings are leaving and going to their new families. We'll miss their antics and their games--like in the video below  "Try to bury the PBGV"

The PBGV puppies had their first set of vaccinations on Friday and all came away with glowing health checks. 

After a false start, all the puppies also had their eyes examined by our wonderful and patient veterinary ophthalmologist.  That too revealed perfect little eyes in perfect little puppies :-)))  
We first went to the eye vet and waited over and hour to finally be greeted by the poor vet with his hand in a bloody bandage.  His previous patient had bitten him and so he had to go to the hospital for stitches.  They rescheduled our appointment so I repeated the whole process of loading up 11 puppies and all their travelling paraphernalia two days later.  I guess all good things come to those who wait!

I can't wait to hear all about the their new adventures with their new families.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Z Litter - 7 weeks old

I know who will also be missing the departure of some of their wild and wonderful playmates:

#1 Male

#2 Male

Y Litter - 8 weeks old

Our beautiful puppies are growing fast and are a never-ending source of amusement.
Almost ready to start their new lives with a new family.  We will miss them dearly but I know I'll be hearing wonderful stories from their new guardians.

Male #1
Male #1

Male #2
Male #2

Female #3
Female #3

Female #4
Female #4

Y & Z Litter Adventures

On the weekend we went for a visit to my friend's farm, Twisted Pine Farm, where she runs a fabulous riding school for all ages and teaches Eventing for competition.  She also keeps several of my dogs, chickens and sheep so we are often visiting for one reason or another.  The weekend is very busy with a lot of youngsters coming for lessons so I takes these opportunities to socialize puppies with children and lots of attention from all the people and activities at the barn. 
When I take them to the farm I load them up in my minivan, along with half a dozen adult dogs and off we go.  The pups find a comfortable spot either on the front seat, a crate that is open in the back, a dog bed on the floor, or often times on the console between the two front seats.  I don't have any seats in the back of my van.  I don't like to crate them for all their car rides as then I cannot get a good feel for who is not feeling comfortable with riding in a vehicle and help them over their discomfort.  There is only one of the female pups that takes longer to settle down but eventually she does.  The rest of them quickly relax and enjoy the ride.

When we arrive at the barn I let all the dogs out of the van and they run around and say hello to the resident dogs who knew we were coming as soon as my van enters the driveway.  All the pups run around loose as well trying to keep track of  the dogs they know; then all of the sudden they will come upon a dog they don't know.  Not a single puppy was alarmed or bothered by any of the activity and this is very gratifying for me to observe as I know that my timing was right for exposing them to a new experience.   It wasn't long after our arrival that the news leaked out that there were puppies visiting and soon we had a crowd of people at the front of the barn, ooohing and aaahing. 

Once all the pups did their business, and I had repeated at least dozen times to our admirers what 'breed' they are, we went into the lounge area of the barn--where there is heat!  It was still pretty nippy outside and despite the puppies wanting to romp in the snow drifts I wanted to get out of the cold.  We cajoled what puppies we could to come into the building and carried the rest.  The adult dogs were left outside to amuse themselves which seems to generally consist of standing at the door wanting to be with me :-)))  In the lounge the pups found all sorts of people, kids and new stuff to keep them busy.  There were about 10 kids between the ages of 7-12, as well as their parents and many other adult clientele. I don't think anyone missed cuddling a puppy.  The pups got a little fed up of being constrained by so many loving kids after a while but it was good for their character to be pushed beyond what they normally 'want' to endure.  Life isn't always about what we want and the puppies need to learn this lesson as well.   The pups were coddled and played with and had a grand time with everyone. They particularly like the nice thick cotton horse lead ropes to chase after so I encouraged the kids to play tug with them instead of hauling them around. After being mauled by just about everyone we left them to eat their lunch and enjoy a roll in the hay while watching the horses, people, and general activity going on in the busy barn.

They love playing in the hay as it makes such a great noise!

The ride home was much quieter.  The puppies fell asleep immediately and even upon arrival at home the wind was out of their sails for the rest of the day.  It was an excellent, positive experience for the pups which they will carry into the rest of their lives--wherever they may end up.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

U Litter - 5 weeks

Yesterday the Petit Basset puppies went out to play in the sunshine.  They have been following the other dogs to the door stoop, then stopping, and having a good sniff.  I guess Spring was in the air and they couldn't resist stepping out.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pooka Tree

The rare Pooka Tree with its shaggy bark is also found in this region of Ontario.

Growing the Puppy Flower

Well, haven't they blossomed beautifully? 
Time passes too quickly.  The puppies ages range from 5 to 6 to 7 weeks old now.

Today all the litters came together for the first time.  They cannot be left alone as the Pyr Shep puppies are too rough on the hound puppies, but nothing like a good meal to distract everyone from the game of rough-housing.  

The Pyr Shep puppies went to the veterinarians today for their first vaccination and check-up.  All turned out to be 200%.  The ride to the vets was noisiest from the Y Litter crate, while the Zs slept the whole way.  In the waiting room they greeted everyone who paid them any notice and were all quite content to be examined by the vet--until they felt the little needle jab into their butt!  No cry-babies in the lot though!

The ride home was quieter as I let the Y Litter sleep in the passenger seat and they all just made themselves comfortable and slept the whole way home. 

Later in the week we will go visit my friend at the farm and then they all have a weekend full of visiting clients and admirers.  After that they go to the vet ophthalmologist and then I can't believe that they will soon be going to join their new families.