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Monday, February 7, 2011

Y Litter - 4 weeks old

Our Y litter is starting to sparkle with personality now.  When they wake up I take a side off of the whelping box and they start to integrate themselves into the Chaparral Pack.  They are greeted with great enthusiasm by some, and a little hesitation by others.  Of course, with mother in the background it is always best to err on the side of caution for some of the dogs.  But, Pooka2 doesn't seem to mind them adventuring into new territory.   They venture into the kitchen now where so we have to watch out for them under foot.  They are tiny little things!  I could sit for hours and watch their antics.  They find lots to play with and chew on.  The world is their oyster but they still only stay awake for 15 minutes and then they are exhausted, have a comforting suck at Mama and drift back into dreamland.

Their newest experience is with solid food.  Although their teeth are barely coming in they are anxious to gobble up meat, kibbles and even have a chew on a marrow bone they may come across.  Our toes are also a favorite and they love to play wrestling with each other and with our hands.

The girls picking on their brother.

Male #1 .  The first to venture into unknown territory.

Male #2 prefers to stay on familiar ground and play tug-o-war with a new-found toy.

The brother makes his escape and so the girls rough-house with each other.

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