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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Y Litter 3 weeks old

These boys and girls are becoming lots of fun to watch.  They are becoming more active and playing with one another.  They love to explore new things, like this metal bowl from their mother's dinner.  They will play with my hands and give lots of licks.  I watch them starting to throw their weight around with each other and hear their little barks and growls.  In the last couple of days their hearing has kicked in and so they wake up to more of the sounds in the household and I can wake them up by calling their name(s) "Puppy, puppy".  

Most obvious is watching their little tails wag with great enthusiasm.  As was the tradition, tails were usually docked by the shepherds for various practical reasons.  We did have the tails docked from the pups in our first couple of litters.  In Europe the movement to ban tail docking and ear cropping for ethical reasons was afoot and eventually most European countries did ban this practice altogether.   It was becoming apparent to me that the same concerns were growing in Canada and although these procedures are not banned the acceptability was being questioned by some.  But, the debate still rages in North America.

We stopped docking tails and cropping ears many years ago and part of our breeding programs' efforts go into trying to produce puppies with correct natural tails and ears.  I have heard some concerns that a 'show dog' needs to be cropped or docked to be successful in the show ring.  These claims have been proven false by the many successful showdogs with natural tails and ears.  Many agility and other performance event competitors prefer a puppy with a tail to help with balance and it has been my experience over the last decade that all potential owners want the tail left on their puppy.

What cuties!!

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