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Monday, February 7, 2011

Winter Hike

Yesterday we were treated to a visit by Angela and her pack of dogs.  Of course, everyone knows the famous disc dog champion, agility athlete, and star of the stage's..... "Rally".  It is always good to see Rally and I am always amazed at his repertoire of tricks.  This is the most talented dog I know of!  His newest cohort, Gypsy (a daughter of Hoopla) continues to charm me.  I have been missing her since she went to live with Angela but apparently the feeling was not mutual as her loyalties truly are with Angela now.  I guess she's more fun and always has a pocket full of treats (so maybe it is just cupboard love :-)))   Angela also brought her Newfie, Border Collie (another famous disc dog champion) and her French Spaniel. 

We played with the puppies for a bit and then went on a wonderful hike in the fields.  The dogs had a great time running through the snow but as the temperature was hovering at the freezing mark the snowballs started to form and by the end of the walk the pyr sheps were burdened down down pounds of snowballs stuck to their legs.  But, apparently, in their eyes it is always worth the bother and I had a great opportunity to chat with Angela about all her adventures with Rally.

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