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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Y Litter update

Since opening their eyes each day I sit in the whelping box to say hello to the puppies. This morning they clearly demonstrated that they recognized me and were excited to see me.  They investigated my bare feet, legs and clothes with great enthusiasm.  Pooka2 was happy to give over and leave them in the care of someone else for a while so she jumped out and lay down beside the whelping box.  In fact, she quietly lay beside the whelping box while all the relatives (all the other dogs) came into the room to welcome the little ones into the pack.  I guess it was time--another milestone--they are part of the Chaparral Pack now! Until now Pooka2 has made sure everyone kept their distance and the other dogs were greeted with a low growl if they dared to enter into her den.

Pictured below is Grandpa Pierre who even boldly stepped into the whelping box to give them all a good sniff and let them crawl all over his feet while Grandpa Teddy licked and licked their faces as they strained up to look at him.  It was heartwarming to see the curiosty of the adult dogs finally sated after weeks of waiting in the wings; "Welcome little ones, you're part of us now".



Eureka also came in to see what was going on but being a Mom herself I don't think her intentions were as welcoming.  I think she would have just preferred to steal them away to her own lair :-))))

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